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The purpose of this database is to provide the widest possible public access to the Waseda University Library's collection of Japanese and Chinese classics, in the form of bibliographical information, related scholarly materials, as well as full-text images. The collection of some 300,000 items, including two National Treasures and five Important Cultural Properties, comprises materials of every conceivable genre. You can access detailed bibliographical information and clear, full-color images.
We look forward to hearing your impressions and opinions of the database. Should you have any questions about the data provided or the items themselves, please direct them to us here. Note that, should you wish to view the materials in person, use them in publications of any sort, or borrow them, it is necessary to apply for permission in advance. Please contact the Office of Special Collections at the Library directly.
The use of images from the database in television broadcasts, publications of any kind (including digital publications), and homepages without permission is strictly prohibited. For further details, please see Using Images from the Database.


"New images list" was added, which will be updated at the end of every month. (April 2021)
Celebrating the opening of the Kira Bunko Collection, a new web gallery "World of Haikai" was added to the database.(May 15, 2015)