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  1. はじめに
  2. 西洋の製本装丁略史
  3. 15-16世紀前半
  4. 16世紀後半南ドイツ
  5. 17世紀フランス
  6. 17世紀英国
  7. 17世紀ロシア
  8. 18世紀フランス
  9. 18世紀イタリア
  10. 18世紀英国
  11. 19世紀以降英国
  12. 19世紀英国の版元製本
  13. 日本における洋式製本の受容
  14. 幕末の洋式製本

11-1. 紋章付きヴェラム装丁

M. Minucii Felicis Octavius, Joannis Davisii LL.D. Cum ejusdem Animadversionibus ac notis integris des Heraldi & Nic. Rigaltii, nec non selectis aliorum. Accedit com Modianus, avi cyprianici scriptor, ...
Cantabrigia : Typis Academicis Impensis Cornelii Crownfield, 1712.
8vo. 192 x 120 mm.
旧蔵者:(MS) Edwd Iry from his attacked friend J B.B. 30th XI. 1848;(蔵書票)Cambridge; University Press : Syndics Library 1712-MIN 1142.
受入番号:010785082660 (マンスブリッジ・コレクション)

11-2. ケンブリッジ・カーフ装丁

Some account of the present Greek church, with reflections on their present doctrine and discipline; ...
Cambridge : Printed for Cornelius Crownfield, printer to the University, 1722.
Folio. 345 x 230 mm.
装丁:茶子牛革(Cambridge calf)、空押し、装丁者: William Bonnor、背バンド6本、三方赤
旧蔵者:(MS) Edward Suttrell 1729. To Mr. James Blackley ; Richard Hungerford Pollen.

11-3. 18世紀後半のカーフ装丁

Δημοσθενουs και Αισχινου λογοι... cum notis edidt Ioannes Taylor.
Cantabrigiae : Iosephus Bentham, Adademiae Typographus, Mense Maio, 1757.
4to. 258 x 202 mm.

11-4. 祈祷書のロイヤル・バインディング

The Book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the church of England : together with the psalter or psalms of David, ...
Cambridge : Printed by Joseph Bentham, 1762.
Folio. 405 x 250 mm.
装丁:青仔牛革、金箔押し(紋章: Royal Crown)、背バンド6本
旧蔵者:(MS) Mr. Baker ; The Gift of TheReverend Wm Greaves ...; Presented to the Univ. Press Camb. by the Rev. Dr.Corrie, Master of Jesus College, 1872.

11-5. 赤モロッコ革装丁

The Book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church.
Cambridge : Printed by John Baskerville, 1762.
8vo. 235 x 153 mm.
装丁:赤モロッコ革、背バンド5本、 金箔押し 、モザイク(中央に緑革でJHS)、三方金
旧蔵者:(MS) Wynn (?).

11-6. 1762年ベンサム聖書の装丁

BIBLE, English
The Holy bible : containing the Old and New Testaments newly traslated out of the original tongues and with the former diligently compared and revised, ...
Cambridge : Printed by Joseph Bentham, 1762.
Folio. 396 x 260 mm.
旧蔵者:(蔵書票)Rich. Cox. Quarley Hants.

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