The Waseda University Library contains a rich collection of materials concerning the founder of the university, Okuma Shigenobu (1838-1922). In particular, the vast "Okuma Monjo" (Okuma documents) collection comprises more than 12,000 items donated to the Library by the Okuma family in two bequests, the first in 1922 following his death, and the second in 1950. These primary sources, essential today for research on modern Japanese history, include official documents and copies thereof concerning the various government policies he was responsible for, and approximately 5,000 letters from politicians and cultural figures, both Japanese and foreign, with whom he had contacts.
Previously the Library has made most of these materials available in the form of microfilms; and some have also been incorporated in the Waseda University Library Digital Archive. Now, however, all these materials, as well as other related items acquired later, have been made available for public use, together with their bibliographical data.