In 2007 Waseda University celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding in 1882. Waseda's history is thus contemporaneous with the history of Japan's modernization. Here we showcase a variety of materials in the Waseda University Library collection that illustrate Japan's modern history.
First and foremost are literary materials. In a tradition beginning with Tsubouchi Shōyō (1859-1935), who established the Department of Literature at Waseda and in 1891 founded the journal Waseda bungaku (Waseda Literature), and carried on by the many writers and critics from all departments of the University, Waseda continues to exert a great influence upon the modern and contemporary literary world. Here we introduce these authors' achievements via their writings and manuscripts.
Second, there are primary materials concerned with the political history of modern Japan, including the Okuma Shigenobu Collection and the Meiji Revolution Loyalists Collection. In the future, we anticipate augmenting the present collection by digitizing a wide variety of printed materials and old photographs, focusing especially on the Meiji period, which we hope you will enjoy viewing.