The Narrative of a Japanese

タイトル The Narrative of a Japanese

著者/作者 ジョセフ・ヒコ(1836-97)
Joseph Heco (1836-97)

内容記述 制作刊行年等:明治28年 ; 出版地等:東京 ; 請求記号:文庫8 C1299 ; 材質: ; 数量:2冊 ; 大きさ: ; 解説文:わが国新聞の父といわれるヒコは本名浜田彦蔵。嘉永3年海難に遭いアメリカ船に救助され渡米、のち帰国して『海外新聞』を発行、維新後は貿易商として活躍し、また官途にも就いた。これは大隈重信に贈った自筆献辞入りの英文自伝である。 ; 1985 ; Tokyo ; 2 vols. ; Joseph Heco (real name Hamada Hikozo) is considered the father of modern newspapers in Japan. A shipwreck survivor rescued by an American ship in 1850, he was taken to the United States. Later he returned to Japan and published Kaigai shinbun. After the Meiji Restoration of 1868 he became a trader and also served in the Ministry of Finance. The Narrative of a Japanese is his autobiography written in English. Shown here (left) is a complementary copy of this book presented to Okuma Shigenobu, founder of Waseda University, with Heco's dedicatory autograph (above).

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