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ATSUMORI EMAKI (Manuscript, Muromachi period)
Call Number: [chi]4-2084


attrib. daughter of Asukai Masachika, Ichiino Tsubone, 2 vols.
(Vol. 1, 26.0 X 696.0 cm.; Vol. 2, 26.0 X 545.0 cm.)
Text ca. 20 characters in each line. In "kozo" (paper mulberry) paper, backed with "gampi" (a shrub, Wikstroemia canescens) paper.
This emaki (picture scroll) depicts the story of the otogi-zoshi "Ko-Atsumori". In the Taira-Minamoto War ("Gempei Kassen", 1180-1185), the bereft son of Tairano Atsumori grew up under the Buddhist priest Honen, and ended up meeting the spirits of his mother and then of his father.
Among the currently existing picture scrolls of "Ko-Atsumori" as otogi-zoshi, that of Waseda is similar to the one owned by the Keio University Library, and has noticeably a different text from the other manuscripts. Although separated in two volumes, this manuscript is supposed to be originally in one volume. Composed of 16 paragraphs of written text and 15 colorful "Narae"-like pictures.
This work is attributed to Asukai Masachika's daughter, Ichiino Tsubone. Originated in the late Muromachi period (around 1500).
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