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In commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of Waseda University

Waseda-related prominent figures I:
TANAKA Mitsuaki

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to the Okuma Shigenobu Collection

Waseda-related prominent figures I: TANAKA Mitsuaki

 Tanaka Mitsuaki(1843-1939), coming from Tosa(now Kochi pref.), is regarded as one of the unforgettable benefactors for Waseda University Library.
 He was born in the rapidly changing social situation at the end of Edo era. As a member of the Tosa Kinno party of Takechi Zuizan, he made every effort in the affairs of state and later he succeeded the Rikuen-tai brigade from the assassinated activist, Nakaoka Shintaro. After the Meiji Restoration, he held the important posts in the Meiji government such as Major General, Chief Secretary of the Cabinet successively. Deeply trusted by the Emperor Meiji, he assumed the positions of the president of the Gakushuin School, Chief Librarian and Minister of the Imperial House Hold Agency as well.
 Tanaka, well versed in rare books and classical literature, presented Waseda University Library with "Raiki shihon sogi(Liji ziben shuyi)," manuscript in the Tang period (an annotated edition of the Confucian classics by Huang Kan in Liao in South and North Dynasties of China) in the hope of its perpetual preservation. Needless to say, the Director Ichijima Shunjo and others were very impressed by that. Putting confidence in Director Ichijima and Waseda University, Tanaka further donated "Gyoku-hen(Yu pian)" and "Todaiji Yakushi-in monjo" as addition to the library's collection. Afterward, "Raiki" and "Gyoku-hen" have been designated as national treasures and "Todaiji Yakushi-in monjo" as important cultural properties.
 Besides, nobody but Tanaka could have made the "Ishin shishi iboku" collection, which consists of 178 pieces of calligraphies and writings by the activists of the Meiji Restoration. The significant historical materials have been enormously contributing to the research activities at Waseda.
 By this exhibition at the 125th year of the university's foundation, we hope to commemorate Tanaka's great favor toward our university, the event thus serving also as an encouragement for the future.

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