How to Use Online References

You can ask for reference service online. You can submit your inquiries through MyWaseda. The answer will be given by an e-mail. Below are the examples of the inquiries.

  • I can’t find the books/ journals for my research. Where can I use the materials I am looking for.
  • I do not know how to use WINE (library catalog) and other search engine tools.
  • I want to know about a particular agenda or individual, but I have no method to go search.

Reference service is also available at the reference desk of each library. Please feel free to ask a librarian at the desk.

Library users who are eligible to apply for "Library Online Request Form" are Waseda University Student, Full-time Faculty and Staff, Part-time Lecturer and those who can access to the Form in the following way. For those who can not access to the Form, please visit the reference desk.

1. Please log in to MyWaseda.

Waseda-net portal
(MyWaseda will open in a new window.)

2. Please click "Research*" on the top of the screen. *Staff: "Tasks".

3. Please click "Library online request" on the right side.

4. After clicking "Library online request", application form is shown. Please select your status at Waseda University from pull-down menu. For students, your grade is required. Please select "Online References" in the pull-down menu of "Select your inquiry", and go "Next".


5. After reading a notice for filling out the form, please follow instructions and select menus.

6. As a general rule, library will send a reply to user's Waseda mail address. You will receive a response within 5 days exclude Saturday, Sunday and Holiday. It might take more time to reply depending on the content of reference. Your understanding would be appreciated.