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Keyword search

Input keywords and select the language "Korean".

Limiting the result of title search

1. Click “Limit/Sort search” button on the upper side of the search result.
2. Select the language "Korean" and click “SUBMIT”.

Search Using Databases to which Waseda subscribes

E-journals and e-books can be searched below. (Some of the e-resources are not linked in WINE)
  • Waseda University e-Journal e-book List(Library subscription database)
    A website for searching the e-journals and e-books (subscribed to by Waseda) by title or field.
  • KISS: Koreanstudies Information Services [Korean and English] (Library subscription database)
    Scholarly multi-disciplinary full-text database. It also contains public publications, Chosun Iibo archive, Dong-A Ilbo archive, and MBC archive
  • DBpia [Korean and English] (Library subscription database)
    Scholarly multi-disciplinary full-text database.

Search materials in Japan

Search materials in Korea

  • The National Digital Library [Korean] (Public Web site)
    Users can search materials of The National Digital Library of Korea, National Assembly Library, Supreme Court Library of Korea, KAIST Library, National Digital Science Library, KERIS, Agricultural Science Library, and National Defense Digital Library all at once. Full text can be viewed for some materials.
  • The National Library of Korea [Korean and English] (Public Web site)
  • RISS (Research Information Service System) [Korean] (Public Web site)
    A system for searching academic information provided by the Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS). Users can search materials owned by Korean universities.
  • Korea University library [Korean and English] (Public Web site)
    Waseda University has a cooperative agreement with Korea University since 1973.

  • Useful links(National Diet Library)

    The following information and links can be found on the National Diet Library Website. (In Japanese only)

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