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We receive many inquiries about Waseda University. Waseda University with a history more than 130 years has a large number of valuable resources. This guide provides tips on how to find information about Waseda University that can be obtained relatively easily using library resources and reliable websites.

Find Historical Information on Waseda

We receive an incredible amount of inquiries about the history of Waseda University as well as people and events related to the university.

Tips on WINE Search

To find historical resources on Waseda University indexed on WINE, try a subject search with “早稲田大学,” which means Waseda University (Tokyo Senmon Gakko, the precursor college of Waseda University, is included in this subject). By using the Limit button and narrowing the result down to the titles containing “史” or “誌,” which means history, you can get a list of the materials about Waseda. The results include the books on the sports activities in Waseda University such as Waseda Daigaku Yakyubu Hyakunenshi (100 Years of the Waseda University Baseball Team) and the history books on Waseda University faculties such as Waseda Daigaku Riko Gakubu Hyakunenshi (100 Years of the Waseda University School of Science and Engineering).
  • Waseda Daigaku Hyakunenshi (100 Years of Waseda University) reference book, eight volumes in total; five volumes of main text; two supplementary volumes; and a separate index / chronology (Book)
    To commemorate the university’s 100th anniversary in 1982, Waseda Editorial Department (today’s Waseda University Archives) compiled this book which covers the first century of Waseda University’s history. Includes an index, a chronology, and numerous pictorial cuts of people and original source materials."100 Years of Waseda University" is digitized except for the index and pictures (In Japanese Only).
  • Waseda Daigaku Gakujutsu Kenkyushi (History of Academic Research at Waseda University) reference book, three volumes printed and bound from the CD-ROM version (Book)
    Published by Waseda University Archives in April 2004 ahead of the university’s 125th anniversary. This work gives readers a panoramic view of the history of academic research in Waseda University. To obtain information about the researchers of Waseda, commemorative bulletins (on retirement, etc.) published by the researchers’ respective departments as well as Gakujutsu Nenkan(Scholarship Yearbook) (Book) and Researcher Database(Waseda website) are also reliable sources.
  • Waseda University Archives (Waseda University Website)
    The Waseda University Archives was established in 1998 to organize, preserve, and publicize Waseda University’s historical documents and resources on the people who had close associations with the university. The site provides index database for the Hyakunenshi mentioned above.
  • History(Waseda University Website)
    This website provides “Founding of the University” and “Chronology.”.

Find Registers and Photo Albums

To protect the privacy, use of Waseda registers and photo albums is restricted.

Tips on WINE Search

Not all the registers and photo albums are located in Central Library. When you search for registers and photo albums on WINE, please try Keyword Search with the following words:
  • For registers, “早稲田大学 and 名簿” (Waseda University and register)
  • For photo albums, “早稲田大学 and アルバム” (Waseda University and album)
  • For school yearbooks, “早稲田大学 and 卒業記念” (Waseda University and commemoration of graduation))
You can also obtain a certain number of result with the words “早稲田大学 and写真帖” (Waseda University and photo album).

How to use registers and photo (commencement) albums

Most of the registers and albums are shelved in closed stacks. Please apply at Research Collection Desk on the 1st floor. The material must be used near the desk. No photocopy is allowed.
  • Waseda Daigaku Kankei Arubamu Rui Mokuroku (Catalog for Waseda University Albums) (journal)
    Edited by the Waseda Editorial Department (today’s the Waseda University Archives).This material is included in Waseda Daigakushi Kiyou (Bulletin of Waseda University Archives No.27, 1995.7).

Find Statistics and Other Numerical Data

Please use reliable statistics and other data.

Find Course Syllabus

The latest versions of course syllabuses are posted on the Web sites of the respective schools. In the Research Collections area of Central Library, paper versions are also stored. The most recent versions are also in the reference books area with the call number “R091.”

Find Information on University Buildings

Waseda’s buildings which attracted people’s attention when they were constructed were sometimes covered in architectural journals.
  • Waseda Daigaku Kochi Tatemono Heimenzu (Plans of the Waseda University Campus and Buildings) (reference book, three volumes)
    The newest edition was written in 2003 by the university’s Campus Planning Division, and it covers buildings up to the No. 14 Building, which was the newest building at the time.

Shelf Locations of Related Materials

The library shelves Waseda-related materials in the same locations as possible as we can. Browsing these locations may lead to unexpected discoveries.
  • B1 Research Collections, Central Library: Call numbers with ト10
  • B2 Research Collections, Central Library: Call numbers between 090 and 097
  • Second floor General Books, Central Library: Call numbers between 090 and 097
  • Second floor Reference Books, Central Library: Call numbers between R090 and R097 (the Hyakunenshi volumes and the latest course notes)
  • Fourth floor AV Room, Central Library: audio and visual materials of valedictorian lectures, culture talks, etc. held at the university (searchable on WINE)

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