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Introduction of how to find books translated from Japanese to foreign languages as well as from foreign languages to Japanese.

Find books at Waseda

In finding translated books on WINE, there are some points to be considered. Following tips are applicable to search other bibliographic databases including WINE.

Find books translated from foreign language to Japanese [Foreign ⇒ Japanese]

Search by Author
  • Official full name (Original spelling in alphabet)     ○Einstein Albert   ×アインシュタイン
  • In order of family name and first name                  ○Polo Marco   ×マルコ・ポーロ
  • *Original spelling of an author’s name can be searched by using the tools listed in “Find personal bibliographies” page, and also by searching on the internet. Additionally, in case of searching author’s full name in katakana by using keyword search on WINE, alphabetical name is shown in Alt. Author or Subject line of search results in some cases. This is a clue to find right spelling of an author’s name.
Search by Title
  • When a book title in original language is registered on WINE, you can search it on WINE. However, this case does not apply to all materials. Please consult translated Japanese title before a search.

Find books translated from Japanese to Foreign Languages. [Japanese ⇒ Foreign]

Search by Author
  • Search by Author’s name in translated language (e.g. Okuma Shigenobu) and press "Limit" by the language to narrow down the results.
Search by Title
  • There are cases that Japanese title of a book is completely different from the original title. Please consult the title in advance.
  • In case that a translated article is included in a compiled book/magazine, searching the material might needs further investigation.

Language /Character searchable on WINE

Since some languages such as Arabic are not searchable on WINE, please use translated alphabetical title or author name.
  • WINE [Waseda University Library Catalog) (Library Web site)

General information on finding translated books

There is a case that Japanese title and translated title are completely different. Before a search, please find a title of the translated book with specialized website or reference books.
  • Index Translationum [UNESCO] (1951~1986: Books, 1979~ present: Public Web Site)
    [Foreign ⇒ Japanese] [Japanese ⇒ Foreign] Contains data on translated books published in about 100 countries since 1932. Coverage is wide from Literature, Social Science, Human Science, Nature Science, Arts and History to various fields. Also helps to search by detailed information such as title in original language, author, published year. It is also useful to search title translated into other languages from Japanese.
  • Honyaku Tosho Mokuroku (Catalog of Books Translated into Japanese from Foreign Languages) (Book)
    [Foreign ⇒ Japanese] Contains a wide range of bibliographic information. This book is categorized into three volumes from subject:Ⅰ. General Works, Humanities and Social Sciences, Ⅱ. Natural Sciences, Technology and Industry, Ⅲ. Arts, Language and Literature. Books have author’s name index in Katanana and in Alphabet. Each record has brief description on book contents. Covers data from 1868 to 2010.
  • Zenshu Goshu Shusai Honyaku Tosho Mokuroku (Catalog of Miscellaneous Titles Translated into Japanese) (book)
    [Foreign ⇒ Japanese] Co-authored and compiled book written by several people can be searchable by each author’s name or book title. It is more helpful to search with Honyaku Tosho Mokuroku (Catalog of Books Translated into Japanese from Foreign Language). Contains data from 1945 to 2007.

Books written about Japan

  • ”Nihon Kenkyu” Tosho Mokuroku :Sekai no naka no Nihon (Catalog of Books about Japan Written by foreigners :Japan in the world) (book)
    [Foreign ⇒ Japanese] List of books published in Japan from 1985 to 2004, these books on Japan are written by foreigners from the perspective of academic purpose. Contains general information on translated books as well. This allows to search by categorized theme.

Literature work and Play

Following list of collections helps to search in case that translated Japanese title is different from the original title, or a translated work is compiled into a completed work.
  • Sekai Bungaku Zenshu /Kojin Zenshu (Collections of Foreign Literature and the Complete Works of Foreign Novelists) (book)   Author Index / Table-of-contents-Index / Title Index
    [Foreign ⇒ Japanese]Literature works contained in the collections can be searched. Please use Sakkamei Soran (Author Index) in case of looking for list of works by author, and use Naiyo Soran (Table-of-contents-Index) to find location in the collection (volume and page). In case that a translated title is already found, Sakuhin Soran (Title Index) helps to locate by title. Contains book data from 1945 to 2001.
  • Honyaku Shosetsu Zenjoho (Complete List of Novels and Dramas Translated into Japanese) (book)
    [Foreign ⇒ Japanese] Information on novels and plays translated from foreign languages into Japanese, published from 1945 to 2009. This contains information on script of Japanese translation and novelization from popular foreign dramas.
    ※Part of『Sekai Bungaku Zenshu』and『Honyaku Shosetsu Zenjoho』can be searched on Nichigai e-reference library.(Library subscription database)
  • Sekai Bungaku Shiika Zenshu (Collections of Foreign Poetry) (book) [Foreign ⇒ Japanese] Author Index / Table-of-contents-Index / Title Index (book)
    This is a poetry edition of Sekai Bungaku Zenshu above. Because of short length of poet, locating a book which contains a poet requires advanced search. A poet with no title can be searched from the first sentence. Contains poetry in complete works published from 1948 to 2001.
  • Japanese literature in foreign languages 1945-1990 (book)
    [Japanese ⇒ Foreign] List of Japanese literature translated into foreign languages except Chinese, Korean, and languages spoken in South East Asia, which is published from 1945-1990, can be searched by either author’s name or translator’s name. This also contains data on works translated into languages in western countries including English.
  • Modern Japanese literature in translation: a bibliography (book)
    [Japanese→Foreign] List of Japanese literature published since Meiji era translated into foreign languages (including Asian languages). An index of translators (written in English, Russian, Chinese and Korean) and index of titles are included at the end of the book.
  • Nihon Kin/ Gendai Bungaku no Chugokugoyaku Soran (Comprehensive list of modern Japanese literature translated into Chinese) (book)
    [Japanese ⇒ Chinese] Enable to search Chinese titles, publishers and translators of Japanese books translated and published in China.

Literature for Children/ Children’s Book

  • Sekai Jidou Bungaku-Kojin (Collections of Literature for Children)(book) [Foreign ⇒ Japanese]   Author Index(individual) / Table-of-contents-Index / Title Index
    This is the children’s literature edition of Sekai Bungaku Zenshu (Collections of Foreign Literature and the Complete Works of Foreign Novelists) above.
  • Jido Bungaku Honyaku Sakuhin Soran(Comprehensive list of translated children’s literature) (book)
    [Foreign ⇒ Japanese] It is helpful to find transition of major children’s literature from first translated edition after Meiji era to the latest edition. Commentary on historical background when a book was translated and visual image from front page of work help learn the history of translation.
  • Published Children’s Book Link [National Diet Library] (public web site)
    [Japanese ⇒ Foreign] Enable to search the National Diet Library’s collection of Children’s books translated into foreign languages. Most of the collection is held at the International Library of Children’s Literature, the sole national library dedicated to children’s books.

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