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The central government, the prefectures, and local municipalities make use of statistical data as key indices to plot the future direction of policies and initiatives. There are two types of statistics: primary statistics (base statistics) drawn from primary data, and secondary statistics (derived statistics) consisting of indices and other parameters derived from primary statistics. Statistics cover a wide variety of field, and there are many field-specific statistical publications.
This guide introduces some of the largest statistical references and databases to help you search through the maze of statistical information available.

Statistics Search Tools

  • Tōkei Jōhō Indekkusu (Index of Statistical Data SourcesIndex of Statistical Data Sources )Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    Allows you to search by keyword for the statistical studies conducted by government ministries and agencies, government-related bodies, and private-sector organizations as well as for the operational statistics and fabricated statistics these organizations release to the public.
  • Tokei Chosa Soran (Conspectus of Statistical Studies) [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, Statistical Standards Division] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This reference provides detailed information on statistical studies conducted by the central government, municipal governments, and the Bank of Japan in accordance with the Statistics Act. There are separate editions for the central government (central ministries) and for local governments (prefectures and cities).
  • Kancho Tokei Tettei Katsuyo Gaido (Comprehensive Guide to Using Government Statistics) [JMA Research Institute, Marketing Data Bank] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This reference provides explanations and hints on how to use statistics generated by government authorities. Explains 101 different statistics in a question-and-answer format, such as what research fields are the study findings applicable to. Publication ceased after the 2005 edition.
  • Tokei Chosa Shiryo Gaido (Guide to Statistical and Study Resources) [Ryukoku University Research Institute For Social Sciences] (book)
    This reference compiles by subject statistical resources edited and issued by various domestic and overseas organizations. It includes several features not seen in other references, such as the year each statistical document was first published, a chronological table of social conditions at the time the statistical document was inaugurated, and data on bibliographic transitions. Contains an index of titles and an index of editing and issuing organizations.
  • Chiho Tokei Gaido (Guide to Regional Statistics) [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, Statistical Standards Division] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This guide contains statistical studies created by the prefectures and the government-decreed cities. Although the guide collects surveys conducted between 1992 and 1996, it also contains statistical data provided by regional governments online or in comprehensive statistical documents.
  • Hakusho Tokei Sakuin (Index to White Paper Statistics) [Nichigai Associates] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This is an index for finding statistical data, such as charts and graphs, contained in 104 kinds of white papers issued domestically. The index contains 16,676 white papers, from both government organizations and private-sector organizations.
  • Hakusho no Hakusho (The White Paper to White Papers) [Kimoto Shoten] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This reference contains basic data taken from 41 kinds of government white papers. In addition to charts, this white paper provides a table of contents and a brief summary for each white paper, which gives a great overview of each white paper.

Comprehensive Statistical Documents

Government statistics

  • Nihon Tōkei Nenkan (Japan Statistical Yearbook) [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This is the basic statistics book which attracted every statistics about Japan comprehensively. It includes 670 different kinds of statistical charts, and fields are divided into chapters. The index provides about 5,000 keywords in both English and Japanese. Charts from the most recent edition can be downloaded from the Statistics Bureau’s website.
  • Nihon no Tōkei(Japan Statistics) [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This compact edition includes the key basic statistics selected from the Japan Statistical Yearbook. Charts from the most recent edition can be downloaded from the Statistics Bureau’s website.
  • Tōkei de Miru Nihon (Japan Seen Through Statistics) [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    Using charts and other devices, this reference explains various fields connected with Japanese citizen’s wellbeing, such as territorial, economic, and social fields.
  • Nihon Toshi Nenkan(Municipal Year Book of Japan) [Japan Association of City Mayors] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This statistical reference tabulates studies by the Japan Association of City Mayors and includes survey materials from related government bodies and other organizations. The 23 wards of Tokyo are also considered to be a single city, and data for this city are listed as Tokyo (23 wards).

Private-sector statistics

Other Frequently Used Statistical References

  • Shijō Sen'yūritsu (Market Shares) [Nikkei] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This statistical reference provides graphs of market shares in consumer product markets. Since detailed numerical statistics are not given, you must turn to the references for more detailed numerical statistics.
  • Nihon no Jinkō Tōkei Sōran (Surveying of Statistics about Population of Japan) [Seikatsu Joho Center] (book)(In Japanese Only)
    This collection primarily lists charts taken from studies conducted by the central government and other government bodies. It omits some parts of the original charts due to space and theme limitations. The 2006 edition is the latest edition.

Databases of Statistical Data

  • Prefectural Statistical Online (Regional & Industrial Statistics Archives)
    The database includes statistical records published by prefectures between 1873 and 1972 on a wide range of topics such as weather, land usage, demography, education, public and financial policy, local economy, and more, which completes in 24 modules. Prewar Showa, Postwar Showa and Taisho(18 modules) are available for full use.
  • Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan (e-Stat) [National Statistics Center] (public Web site)
    This is a portal site of government statistics for Japan statistics. This portal site for government statistics began operation in 2008 based on the Plan to Optimize Operations and Systems for Statistical Studies and Similar Operations, drafted by the Ministerial CIO Liaison Group. Using the site, you can access various statistical data from government ministries, official plans, recent information, questionnaire information, and other statistical references.
  • Website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau] (public Web site)
    This site devoted to statistics is operated jointly by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, the Director-General for Policy Planning (Statistical Standards), and the Statistical Research and Training Institute. You can download various data sets such as population censuses, family income and expenditure surveys, and the Japan Statistical Yearbook.
  • Public Opinion Polls [Cabinet Office] (public Web site)
    The Cabinet Office conducts public opinion polls to ascertain the public’s opinion on government policies. Survey interviewers visit and interview several thousand people selected statistically from across Japan. This site consolidates data from these polls.

Useful Sites on Statistical Data

  • Statistical Materials for Learning about Japan [National Diet Library] (public Web site)
    The contents of this site consist of Reference Tools for searching for statistical data. Long-term Statistics, Comprehensive statistics exhaustively covering all areas, summarized statistics in selected areas limited to certain categories, and a wide variety of Primary Statistical Data.
  • Keizai Shihyō no Kandokoro(The Keys to Understanding Statistical Indices) [Statistical Survey Division, Toyama Prefecture](In Japanese Only) (public Web site)
    The online version of the book with the same title that compiles in a plain, easy-to-follow compact format explanations of everyday economic issues and economic terminology, explanations of statistics, and future outlooks. The most recent edition, the 23rd edition, was published in 2006.
  • Yoron Chōsa Indekkusu (Public Opinion Poll Index)[Japan Association for Public Opinion Research](In Japanese Only) (public Web site)
    This site takes public opinion poll data published in” Yoron”, a regular bulletin of the Japan Association for Public Opinion Research, and tabulates the survey owner, the survey period, the surveyed region, the respondent conditions, the survey method, the number of samples, the number of responses/response rate (%), and the selection method. Information is updated each April and October.

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