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About Annual Securities Reports

An‘Annual Securities Report’ (有価証券報告書, Yūka shōken hōkokusho’) is one of the disclosure documents issued by companies in Japan. It states the trade name of the company, financial conditions of the corporate group to which the company belongs and of the company, and other important matters concerning the company's business.
According to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (Act No.25 of 1948), companies which fulfill any of the conditions below* are required to submit an Annual Securities Report to the Prime Minister within 3 months after the end of that business year for the sake of public interest and protection of investors. (* (1) companies whose securities are listed in a financial instruments exchange; (2) companies registered on the over-the-counter market; (3) foreign companies listed in a financial instruments exchange; (4) companies that have submitted a securities registration statement or shelf registration supplements; (5) companies whose shareholders have become more than 1,000 in within the past 5 years.)
Annual Securities Reports, which have been disclosed to the public after examination, are very useful in obtaining the details of companies. They are made available for public viewing for 5 years after submission by the Act.

Annual Securities Report - Search Tools (Database)

  • eol [Pronexus inc.] (Library subscription database)
    Company & financial information of Japanese companies. It contains Annual Securities Reports (1961-) , statement of accounts & other disclosed information (Oct. 2001-) and market data like stock prices. Financial data is offered in 2 types: complete data the same as the original report and summaries which you can compare with that of other companies. In addition, other functions such as text-search of Securities Reports and graph-making are available as well. [In Japanese (partly in English and Chinese)]
  • Nikkei ValueSearch[Nikkei Digital Media inc.] (Library subscription database)
    Company & business analyzing service. It consists not only of extensive and reliable financial data, but also detailed, pinpointed and up-to-date analysis for different companies and industries. From the ‘IR情報-開示情報’(IR Info - Disclosure Info) menu, you can see the text of Annual Securities Reports submitted after 24 Nov. 2005 in PDF. [In Japanese only]
  • EDINET [Financial Service Agency] (Public Website)
    ‘Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork’. It provides disclosure documents of companies in Japan such as Annual Securities Reports, which are stipulated to be issued in digital form by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. You can see the annual securities reports of the past 5 years and also reports of some companies whose stocks are not listed. Most of the reports become available through the system on the day following their release. [In Japanese only]
  • Data Base of Annual Reports, Financial Reports and Prospectus [Library of Economics, University of Tokyo] (Public Website. Access partly limited only to the University)
    Digital images of a part of the Annual Reports issued between 1961 and 1985 are available on this database. Reports owned by the Library are also retrievable. [In Japanese only]

Annual Securities Report - Search Tools (Paper)

有価証券報告書総覧 , Yūka shōken hōkokusho sōran

Reduced-size edition of the Annual Securities Report. It consists of the Annual Securities Reports and half-yearly reports of Japanese companies listed on the 5 securities exchanges, over-the-counter companies registered to the Japan Securities Dealers Association, and foreign companies listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges, which were issued in 5 parts as follows:

Part.1: listed companies, 1st section of Tokyo; Osaka; Nagoya, from Showa 36 (1961)
Part.2: listed companies, 2nd section of Tokyo; Osaka; Nagoya, from Oct. Showa 44 (1969)
Part.3: listed companies, Sapporo; Nigata; Kyoto merged to Osaka in H.13 (2001); Hiroshima; Fukuoka, from Oct. Showa 51 (1976)
Part.4: foreign companies, Tokyo, from Sept. Showa 63 (1985)
Part.5: over-the-counter companies, currently registered to JASDAQ, from Dec. Showa 63 (1985)
Waseda University’s School of Commerce Library holds reports issued until Heisei 16 (2004). Please search by the company name list kept on the shelf.

Annual Securities Report - Search Tools (Microform)

  • NRIマイクロ有証, Enuāruai maikuro yūshō [Nomura sōgō kenkyūjo] (Microform)
    Microfilm edition of Annual Securities Report. School of Commerce Library holds Vol. 1 and 2, which consist of the reports issued from Showa 30 (1955) until Showa 45 (1970).

  • Business data older than Annual Securities Reports

    営業報告書, Eigyō hōkokusho.

    Predecessor of the Annual Securities Report. Please see “Eigyō hōkokusho” for data before Showa 24 (1949) under the former Commercial Law.
  • Business Archives Online[Japan Digital Archives Center] (Library subscription database)
    It consists of the financial reports of approximately 9,000 companies (160,000 business records) from Meiji 10 (1877) around until before and after the Commercial Law amendment in Showa 25 (1945), and the prospectuses of approximately 1,800 companies (4,070 records) from Showa 23 (1948) until Heisei 2 (1990) in PDF. Includes digitalized data of microfilm edition of Eigyō hōkokusho and later reports. Search by company name, period, industrial classification or keyword. Information about company changes like mergers is also available
  • 営業報告書集成, Eigyō hōkokusho shūsei.[Yūshōdō shuppan] (Microfilm)
    Microfilm edition in 9 volumes with a catalogue are held by the School of Commerce library. Includes 8,577 companies.


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Reference book

有価証券報告書の見方・読み方(Yūka shōken hōkokusho no mikata yomikata)”9th ed. Seibunsha, 2015.3

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