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This is a guide to find newspaper articles by theme or event of interest.
*Databases and pocket editions generally store or publish the final edition of the paper.
*Ensure you have the right newspaper name, as old newspapers and historical newspapers have often changed their names over the years.

Newspaper Article Databases (online)

Below are some of the major databases to search for newspaper articles. You can use many other useful databases by selecting “News & Newspapers” for the resource type in Waseda E-Resource Portal. Please keep in mind that many newspaper article databases have limitation for the number of concurrent users.
  • Kikuzo II Visual [Asahi Shimbun] (Library subscription database)
    This database contains the articles of Asahi Shimbun from its first issue in 1879 to the latest issue.
  • Yomidas Rekishikan [Yomiuri Shimbun] (Library subscription database)
    This database contains the articles of Yomiuri Shimbun from its first issue in 1874 to the latest issue. Allows searches of articles from the English paper, The Daily Yomiuri (title changed from April 2013 to “The Japan News”), from 1989 on.
  • Nikkei Telecom 21 [Nihon Keizai Shimbun] (Library subscription database))
    The Nikkei, Nikkei Marketing Journal and Nikkei Business Daily from 1975 to the latest issue are searchable as well as information on corporations, financial affairs, and personnel affairs.
  • Maisaku (Mainichi Shimbun Online)[Mainichi Shimbun] (Library subscription database)
    This database contains the articles of Mainichi Shimbun from its first issue in 1872 to the latest issue.Also the archives of website "The Mainichi (written in English)", from June 2008 are searchable.
  • Sankei Shimbun Databases [Sankei Shimbun] (Library subscription database)*In Japanese Only
    This database contains the articles of Sankei Shimbun published Tokyo is from 1992, and published Osaka is from 1998 to the latest issue.
  • PressReader(Library subscription database)
    The database provides full- image of newspapers from around the world which is available from about the last three months to the latest edition.
  • [ProQuest] (Library subscription database)
    Contains Dow Jones’ newspapers, magazines, industrial journals and flash news as well as major national newspapers such as Mainichi, Sankei, Yomiuri and local papers, industrial journals from Japan and overseas. The title list is available here.
  • ProQuest Newspapers [ProQuest] (Library subscription database)
    The database provides full-text of New York Times, Guardian, Observer, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. On ProQuest Historical Newspapers, full- image of newspaper and index are available.
  • [LexisNexis] (Library subscription database)
    Although its main focus is legal affairs, this is a comprehensive database with articles from newspapers, wire services and broadcasting scripts around the world. The images of printed articles are not available, but users can access the full text of the articles with sophisticated search functions.
  • China Core Newspaper Databases (CCND) (Library subscription database)
    The databases contain major newspapers published in China since 2000. Under licensing agreement, the Political, Military, and Legal Affairs and the Financial Affairs sub-databases are accessible.
  • People’s Daily (Library subscription database)
    The database of the People's Daily from the first number in 1946 to present.
  • Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpo (Library subscription database)
    The database of the newspaper in Japanese language published in Taiwan from 1896 to 1944.
  • The Times Digital Archive (Library subscription database)
    A database containing images of all sections of The Times, the UK’s leading newspaper, from its founding in 1785 to 2010. The database contains only The Times and does not include The Sunday Times, The Times Literary Supplement, or other sister publications. The articles from 2011 to present is available in
  • 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers (Library subscription database)
    Online database of the collection of 17th and 18th century English news media called "Burney Collection".
  • British Library Newspapers(Library subscription database)
    Online Database of 19th Century British Library Newspapers.

Offline Newspaper Article Databases

There are newspaper article databases available on CD-ROM and DVD as well. Inquire about using them at the respective library or reading room. (You can find their locations on WINE.)

News Encyclopedias and Other References

  • Meiji News Encyclopedia [Mainichi Communications] (book)
    Taisho and Showa edition are also included. Together, these three publications compile articles from the Mainichi newspapers and others from the start of the Meiji (1868) to the 20th year of the Showa (1945).
  • Shimbun Shusei Meiji Hen’nenshi (Newspaper Collections from the Meiji Era ) (book)
    Taisho Hen’nenshi and Showa Hen’nenshi are also included. These collections contain selected major articles from a number of newspapers organized by period. It is possible to look up articles by date as well as event.

Obtain Newspaper Articles

If you cannot obtain the article from databases, look up the location of the newspaper (or microfilm, pocket edition, or reprint edition).

Search Waseda’s collections

  • Catalog of Newspapers subscribed to by Waseda University Libraries (in Japanese only)
    Able to search for newspapers Waseda libraries currently subscribe to.
  • WINE [Waseda University Library catalog] (Waseda University Library Website)
    WINE also lists some newspapers. You can search for back numbers of newspapers no longer subscribed to at the NDL Search given below.
  • Waseda University e-Journal e-Book List (Library subscription database)
    Contains the list of electronic journals and books as well as electronic edition of newspapers published overseas and contained by databases like
  • Search domestic collections

    When the newspaper is not available at Waseda and the full text is not accessible through article databases, search domestic collections. You can request to visit off-campus libraries or order newspaper articles from off-campus facilities. Please ask at the Reference Desk.
    • NDL Search [National Diet Library] (public Web site)
      A database to search the newspapers held by various organizations in Japan. It is also available for investigating bibliographic information of each paper. It is useful to find newspaper Waseda is not currently subscribing to.

    Search overseas collections

    Expand your search overseas if you cannot locate the newspaper article in Japan.
    • [OCLC] (public Web site)
      The world’s largest bibliographic database. You can check bibliographies and holding information for newspapers as well as for books and periodicals.

    Find What Newspapers are in Print

    • Zasshi Shimbun So Katarogu (Periodicals in Print ) [Media Research Center] (book)
      A compilation of domestic periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers) in print with their basic information, category, and features. Newspapers can be looked up by region, field, or title.

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