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Find Corporate Information

  • Nikkei Telecom 21 [Nihon Keizai Shimbun] (Library subscription database)
    This database allows searches of corporate outlines, balance sheets, financial affairs, personnel news, and articles published in the four Nikkei papers (The Nikkei, Nikkei Marketing Journal, Nikkei Financial Daily, Nikkei Business Daily).
  • Nikkei NEEDS-FinancialQUEST [Nihon Keizai Shimbun] (Library subscription database)
    This database offers unparalleled access to Japanese Corporate Financial, Equities market and Macroeconomic data through direct access to the NEEDS Databanks.
  • Yahoo! Finance [Yahoo Japan] (public Web site)
    Provides corporate outlines, financial information, stock information, and other data on listed corporations. In addition to information on listed corporations' characteristics and past performance, the site posts news releases and investor-related news.
  • Kaisha Shikiho (Japan Company Handbook) [Toyo Keizai] (book)
    Kaisha Shikiho provides up-to-date information on all 3,800 or so listed corporations. It lists business fields, business operations, news stories, past performance, stockholders, executives, consolidated companies, financial information, capital movements, share prices (charts, indices, etc.), and earnings forecasts, among other data. The Central Library holds all editions since 1948. The School of Commerce School Library also holds the DVD edition, which contains data from 1936 to 2006.
  • Kaisha Shikiho: Mijojo Gaishaban (Japan Company Handbook: Unlisted Company Edition) [Toyo Keizai] (book)
    Contains hard-to-find information on about 7,300 unlisted companies across Japan, including business operations, past performance, executives, trading partners, etc. The Central Library holds all editions since the first half of 1983.
  • Japan company handbook [] (Library subscription database)
    This is the English version of Kaisha Shikiho. The online version is accessible from (after logging in, search for Japan Company Handbook from the Find A Source tab).
  • Teikoku Detabanku Kaisha Nenkan (The Teikoku Databank Corporate Almanac) (Reference book)
    A three-volume set consisting of an Eastern Japan volume, a Western Japan volume, and an index volume. Contains up-to-date corporation information on 140,000 leading and influential firms that is useful for marketing and for managing one's credit exposure to business partners.
  • Nikkei, Annual Corporation Reports: All listed corporations [Nihon Keizai Shimbun] (book)
    *publication ceased with the 2006 edition
    The 2006 edition contains entries on the 2,854 corporations listed on all five Japanese stock exchanges and 944 corporations on the JASDAQ exchange. Reports mostly consolidated financial returns but also has information on unconsolidated financial returns.
  • Nikkei, Annual Corporation Reports: Unlisted corporations [Nihon Keizai Shimbun] (book)
    *publication ceased with the 2005 edition
    This is a sister publication to Nikkei, Annual Corporation Reports. Contains corporate data on privately-held corporations whose shares are not traded on any stock exchange. The 2005 edition contained entries on 23,689 companies.

Find Asset Securities Reports

  • eol [eol, Inc.] (Library subscription database)
    This is an all-in-one database of financial information on Japanese corporations. It provides pdf files of original asset securities reports since 1984 and original balance sheet briefs and other financial disclosures since October 2001. The database also contains share price information and other market information.
  • EDINET [Financial Services Agency] (public Web site)
    This is an electronic publication system for securities reports and other financial disclosures required under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. Includes filings since June 1, 2001.
    *Since June 1, 2004, corporations have been required to file reports, excepting large volume holding reports, in an electronic data format (HTML). (Electronic filing of large volume holding reports has been obligatory since April 1, 2007.)
The School of Commerce School Library has a collection of securities reports in booklet form. However, it does not have securities reports for all corporations or for all years. The National Diet Library has securities reports for the Tokyo Stock Exchange from 1949 and for the Osaka Stock Exchange from 1950, though some reports are on microforms.

Find Balance Sheets

The conventional method of reporting balance sheets has long been to publish them in a daily paper or in an "Official Gazette(官報)" but with amendments to the Commercial Law in April 2002, corporations can fulfill their obligations by posting balance sheets on their Web sites. Below are some leading sites that provide balance sheet information.
  • Internet Balance Sheet Service (TDB Corporation Search) [Teikoku Databank](public Web site)
    Allows you to view pdf files of financial information on more than 200 corporations.
  • TKC Financial Statements Database [TKC Corporation] (public Web site)
    TKC Corporation is a nationwide network of tax accountants and certified public accountants (about 9,500 members in all). Corporations that TKC members work with provide their financial statements (balance sheets, profit-and-loss statements, etc.) on this site.

Find Management Indices

  • Nikkei Financial Analysis [Nihon Keizai Shimbun] (book)
    This reference provides indices such as stability, profitability, growth, and productivity on both unconsolidated and consolidated bases for all corporations (excluding foreign companies and fund corporations) listed on the five Japanese stock exchanges, JASDAQ, Mothers, and Hercules.
  • Business Analyses & Statistics by TKC [TKC Corporation] (CD-ROM) (in booklet form until the 2002 edition)
    This package provides key financial performance data (balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements) derived directly from accounting records put together from the detailed monthly travelling audits and monthly balance sheets conducted by TKC accountants. The 2009 edition contains entries 226,000 small and medium-sized domestic corporations from 965 industries.

Find Corporate Histories

Try a keyword search in WINE using the company or organization's name. (It's impossible to determine corporate histories from the title alone in some cases.) Aside from the Central Library, the School of Commerce School Library also has a large number of corporate histories. You can find out what corporate histories exist using the following references.

Find Corporate Bankruptcy Information

Although it is difficult to get a complete understanding of bankruptcies, you can look for information on recent large corporate bankruptcies using the resources below.
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