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The purpose of the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research program (KAKENHI) is to promote original and pioneering research in all fields — from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences — to stimulate scholarship in Japan since 1936. Research grants are administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). There are three basic types of required reports in Grant-in-Aid research categories.

Annual Research Report

This is a yearly report with data on the progress of an ongoing research project. The report includes an overview of the research progress over the reported year and a list of publications and literature generated by the research project.

Final Research Report

This is a report that summarizes the overall results of the research project in the final year of the research’s term. The categories obligated to submit this report vary from year to year.

Abstract for Final Research Report

This report is created only for research in research categories requiring a final report. The report contains an overview of the research findings and lists the publications and literature generated by the research project which is conducted for several years.

※Since 2008, researchers (in most but not all research categories) have been submitting final reports to the MEXT or the JSPS in electronic formats instead of paper formats. Full texts of final reports are viewable on the Internet at the KAKEN: Database of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research.

Find Basic Information and Reports

  • KAKEN: Database of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research [National Institute of Informatics]
    This database includes: the initial information at the time of adoption (Adopted Projects); summaries of research outputs (Research-status Report, Annual Research Report, and Final Research Report Summary); Final Research Report; and Self-evaluation Report.Detailed information on a specific research topic can be found through a variety of search options. Research projects can also be searched by keyword or subject. See ‘Information’ on the bottom of page for more details.

Find Final Research Reports

  • WINE [Waseda University Library catalog search system] (Library Web site)
    ・<Search by Grant-in-Aid number:>
    Grant-in-Aid projects were assigned six-digit numbers until 1980 and eight-digit numbers after. Enter “KAKEN******” and the number after selecting Search by OTHER INDEXES and Other Numbersin WINE.
    ・<Search by title or author:>
    Using the KEYWORD Search function in WINE, enter a phrase such as “Waseda University” or “早稲田大学” and “Grant-in-Aid” or “科学研究費補助金” along with the title or author. Include an “AND” condition.
  • NDL-OPAC / NDL-Search[National Diet Library] (Public Web site)
    The National Diet Library Kansai-kan stores final reports through the affiliated organization (university, etc.) of the Principle Investigator (PI) before 2007. (Reports made in 2008 and after are viewable in KAKEN.) In NDL-OPAC, check “Books” from Material Types on the Advanced Search page and then search as follows:
  • Enter the research topic name, document name, or research category in the Keywords or Title box
  • Enter the Principal Investigator’s name or research institution name in the Author box
  • Enter the Research Project number in the Other Number box
Grant-in-Aid reports at the National Diet Library can be ordered delivery or photocopies through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.(What can be copied depends on the structure of the individual report.)
  • CiNii Books [National Institute of Informatics] (Public Web site)
    You can search for Grant-in-Aid reports held by Japanese university libraries from this site. For the Advanced Search, enter “Grant-in-Aid”or “科学研究費補助金” in the Title box, the principal investigator’s name in the Author box, and the investigator’s institution in the Publisher box. Each university treats Grant-in-Aid reports differently: some universities do make reports publically available. In some cases you will find the research projects and annual reports but not the final report. It may be that the research project is still active or that the final report has not yet been submitted.

Find Researchers and Research projects of Waseda University

  • Waseda Universuty Researcher Database [Research Promotion Division, Waseda University] (Waseda University Web site)
    From this database you can find the research activities and findings, including information on Grant-in-Aid themes of researchers at Waseda University. Searching by name or research field will bring up the research findings and activities of individual researchers. Although researchers update their information with different regularities, the database does give a good overall view of Waseda’s research.
  • Gakujutsu Nenkan (Scholarship Yearbook) (books)
    Carries records of individual research activities by Waseda researchers and lists of related publications and papers from 1984 to 2000. It is also possible to view lists of Grant-in-Aid research projects by year. (In Japanese Only)

Find Materials Funded by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research in WINE

When the results of research funded by Grant-in-Aid are published, note of the fact is always added in their WINE bibliography notes. You can find these publications using a phrase like “研究成果公開促進費 (Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results)” in a KEYWORD Search.

Find Research projects Across Japan

  • Monbu Kagakusho Kagaku Kenkyuhi Josei Jigyo Saitaku Kadai / Kobo Shinsa Yoran [Gyosei] (books)
    Contains lists of Grant-in-Aid research projects across Japan along with Grant-in-Aid allotment screenings, mid-term and post-project assessments, and allotment result charts for each fiscal year until 2011. Note that the title has changed over the years. Check the field of “Continues” for searching the books published before 2010.(In Japanese Only)
  • Reports on researches by grantees, Ministry of Education [Japan Society for the Promotion of Science] (books)
    Compiles Grant-in-Aid research results from all Japanese universities until 1976 fiscal year in categories such as humanities, social science, physics, chemistry, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and pharmaceutics. Note that the title has changed over the years. Check the field of “Continues” for searching the books published before.(In Japanese Only)
  • Japanese Scientific Monthly [Japan Society for the Promotion of Science] (journal)
    Published lists until March 2008 (when publication ceased) of research projects and lead researchers by research category and research field. The journals also provided the latest developments in research fields, the latest research findings, academic information from abroad, and the latest news on activities at the MEXT.

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