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Journal articles and academic papers are essential to learning activities and research. Recently, the number of journal articles and academic papers that can be read online is increasing. Please make the most of the various databases and electronic journals to which Waseda University Library subscribes.

Find Japanese-Language Papers and Articles

Listed below are some of the major databases you can use to search for papers and articles written in Japanese.
  • CiNii Articles [National Institute of Informatics] (Library subscription database)
    One of the largest bibliographic databases with which you can search for journal articles and academic papers printed in Japan. In some cases, you can directly browse the full text of the article.
  • JDream III [G-Search] (Library subscription database)
    A bibliographic database which covers science and technology fields, medicine, pharmacy, etc. You can search for domestic and also overseas articles with Japanese keywords. The links to the abstracts and full texts are indicated.
  • MAGAZINEPLUS [Nichigai Associates] (Library subscription database)
    In addition to the Japanese Periodical Index edited by National Diet Library, this database contains festschriften, collection of papers in general, symposium /lecture compilations, academic society yearbooks/ research reports, etc.
  • Web OYA-bunko [Oya Soichi Library] (Library subscription database)
    A bibliographic database with which you can search for the articles of the major magazines held by Oya Soichi Library. The collection is focused on non-academic magazines, such as weekly magazines and lifestyle magazines.
  • Zasshikiji Sakuin Shusei Database [Kouseisha] (Library subscription database)
    With this database you can search for the articles of national and regional magazines published in Japan (including the former colonies) from the Meiji era to the present.

Find English-Language (European-Language) Papers and Articles

The following databases cover English-Language (European-Language) papers and articles in a wide range of fields. Choose “Journal Articles” from “Resource type” on the top page of the Waseda E-Resource Portal for more details.
  • Web of Science [Thomson Reuters] (Library subscription database)
    This database covers almost all the academic fields such as natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Special to the Web of Science is that this database allows you to search not only by keywords or author’s names, but also by the relationship between citing and cited papers.
  • Scopus [Elsevier] (Library subscription database)
    A database for searching papers in the fields of science, technology, medicine, and social science. You can search journal articles, patent information and academic Web sites at the same time.
  • ABI/INFORM Complete [ProQuest] (Library subscription database)
    A database with which you can browse the full text of large number of journals on business. It also contains newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, the report and the data on specific countries, regions and industries, and dissertations.
  • EBSCO Business Source Complete [EBSCO] (Library subscription database)
    Journal database covering business-related bibliographic data and full text data. Full text contents include the magazines related to economics, management, and business, the reports on international economy, industry, and market, author profile, etc.
  • PubMed (public Web site)
    A free database provided by US National Library of Medicine. This database contains MEDLINE, a bibliographic database covering biomedical and life science fields.
  • Google Scholar (public Web site)
    You can search for the academic journals, papers, publications, abstracts, and articles from academic publishers, academic societies, universities, and other academic bodies.

Locate Journals

Journals are published under the same title continuously at periodic or odd intervals, and every issue is given with unique volume/number. A single journal generally contains various articles or papers. To find a specific article or paper, you need its bibliography. In cases that you cannot access the full text of the article online, find out where the printed edition is located by using libraries’ catalogs after identifying the journal's title and its volume/number which contains the article.
** The following information are needed to find academic papers: author(s) of the paper, the paper’s title, the journal name, volume and number, publication year, page numbers. **
(ex:Japanese journal)
永田治樹. ライブラリーコンソーシアムの歴史と現状. 情報の科学と技術. 1997, 47(11), pp.566-573.
(ex:Foreign journal)
Kobayashi A, Ohara-Takada A, Tsuda S, et al. Breeding of potato variety "Inca-no-hitomi" with a very high carotenoid content. Breeding Science. 2008, 58(1), pp.77-82.

Search Waseda’s Collections

In addition to printed journals, Waseda subscribes to many electronic journals that can be read online. Please check the locations of both printed journals and electronic journals.
  • WINE (Waseda University Library Web site)
    A Web site for searching Waseda’s collections including both printed and electronic journals.
  • Waseda University e-Journal e-book List (Library subscription database)
    A Web site for searching the e-journals and e-books (subscribed to by Waseda) by title or field.

Search Keio University’s Collections

If the journal is not available at Waseda, please check whether it is held by Keio University. Waseda students and faculty can visit Keio libraries and also request the photocopies of the article from Keio on favorable conditions.
  • KOSMOS [Keio University’s library catalog search system] (public Web site)

Search Collections within Japan

If the material you are looking for is not held by either Waseda or Keio, you can search the collections of other libraries in Japan. Waseda can request the use of the material to off-campus libraries on your behalf.
  • CiNii Books [National Institute of Informatics] (public Web site)
    Bibliographic database of books and periodicals held by university libraries across the country.
  • NDL Online [National Diet Library] (public Web site)
    The Catalog of National Diet Library. You need to click “Advanced Search” and “Periodicals” on the upper side of the advance search page when you start searching.
  • J-GLOBAL [Japan Science and Technology Agency] (public Web site)
    You can search of materials held by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. This collection contains the volume/number of journals these are not viewable on JDream III.

Search Overseas Collections

If the journal or magazine you are looking for is not available in Japan, you can request the photocopy of the material from overseas libraries. Please note that getting photocopies from overseas libraries is more expensive and takes more time than from libraries in Japan.
  • [OCLC] (public Web site)
    The world’s largest bibliographic database. You can check collections in countries around the world, particularly collections in North America.
  • Explore the British Library [British Library] (public Web site)
    The British Library has one of the world’s most extensive collections of science& technology periodicals.

Find What Kinds of Journals are Published

  • Zasshi Shimbun So Katarogu [Media Research Center] (book) (in Japanese only)
    A reference book that introduces domestic periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers) with their basic information, categories, and features. Various periodicals from community papers to technical journals are covered and they can be searched for by region, field, title, etc.

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