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Biographical information can be found on the internet. However, when you use them academically, you have to gain accurate information by referring to several reliable sources which you can clearly specify.

Historical Figures

The information about historical figures and also stil-living persons who made remarkable achievements can be found in general biographical dictionaries, which cover wide ranges of fields and eras, and also in encyclopedias.

General Biographical Dictionaries and Encyclopedias (Japan)

General Biographical Dictionaries and Encyclopedias (Worldwide)

When You Cannot Find the Biographical Information You Want

Still-Living People

General biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias cover the information about the peoples whose achievements are already recognized as historical, so the completeness of the data on people in our time tends to be not enough. In such cases, Who’s Who and other similar resources which cover particularly still-living people are useful. Who was Who and other resources specialized in people who recently past away should also be referred to.

Who’s Who (Japan)

Who’s Who (Worldwide)

Who’s Who (Other Countries)

Besides the Who’s Who of England, Waseda University also holds country-specific Who’s Who such as Canadian Who’s Who and Wer ist Wer. You can find them by searching WINE with key words such as “Who's Who” or “Who was Who.”
  • Who’s Who [A. & C. Black]
    Published since 1849. Entries include judges, civil servants, politicians and notable figures from academia, sport and the arts. Who was Who includes the entries of people now deceased, who were included in previous editions of Who's Who.

Person in Specific Field

There are so many people who made remarkable achievements in specific fields but are not included in general biographical dictionaries or who's who. In such cases, the biographical sources specialized in the fields should be referred to.

Biographical Dictionaries in Specific Fields

  • Nikkei Who's Who (Nikkei Telecom 21) [Nihon Keizai Shimbun] (Library subscription database) (in Japanese only)
    Who’s Who on the presidents, directors, executives, and division heads of Japanese companies. Similar information can be found in other library subscription databases too.
  • researchmap (public web site)
    Provides approximately 220,000 profiles of researchers (as of Apr, 2014).

Information from Dictionaries, Almanacs, Handbooks in Specific Fields

Not only from biographical dictionaries, biographical information sometimes can be obtained from dictionaries, almanacs, and handbooks of specific fields.

Biographies And Other Sources

Besides biographical dictionaries and who’s who, the materials written about specific persons such as biographies, critical essays, and memoires are also helpful, especially when you try to find detailed biographical information. To find such sources, books listed below are useful.


If you search for the last and the first name of the person you are interested in with the subject search of WINE, you can look for the books written about the person. A space has to be inserted between the last and first name. For example, if you search for “Takata Sanae” with the subject search, you will get the result like this.

Catalogs for Finding Biographies And Other Sources

Find Biographical Dictionaries and Related Sources

The sources we could not introduce here can be searched with the materials below.
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