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What are government publications?

In a word, government publications are publications compiled or issued by the central government. But in the present-day context, “government publications” has a wider scope, including all publications that are related in some shape or form to government bodies.
Government materials needed for study and research include white papers, commission and study group findings, reports, statistics, and Diet materials. See this Research Navigation page for information on statistics and on laws and judicial precedents. Below is a guide on how to find materials using WINE or using the Internet.

Comprehensive Web Sites

  • e-Government Portal Site (e-Gov) [Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications] (public Web site)
    This is the Japanese government’s comprehensive portal site. Begin your search for government materials on this Web site.
  • Local Authorities Map Search [Local Authorities System Development Center] (public Web sites)
  • Seifu Kankobutsu Shimbun (Government Publications News) (journal)
    Monthly publication, this journal lists newly issued publications. The Central Library carries the most recent year’s issues.

Official Gazette

The Official Gazette is a government document published nearly every day containing information the government must provide to the general public on such matters as laws and regulations, official bulletins, budgets, and personnel affairs. If you know a keyword that is likely to be contained in the table of contents, you can search the tables of contents of Official Gazettes since 1996 on the Internet. You can view the current Official Gazette Internet version for up to 30 days after the issue. Previous issues are in printed formats or on microfilm. The Official Gazette Search Service permits full-text searches and browsing of Official Gazettes since 1947, and the Kanpo Mokuji Soran and the Kanpo Sosakuin help you find printed formats or microfilm versions.
  • Official Gazette Internet Version [National Printing Bureau] (public Web site)
    You can read the full text of the Official Gazette issued in the last 30 days.
  • Official Gazette Table of Contents Search [National Printing Bureau] (public Web site)
    You can search the table of contents from Official Gazettes since June 3, 1996. Full text is not available.
  • Official Gazette Search Service [National Printing Bureau] (Library subscription database)
    Search service that allows you to obtain the full text of Official Gazettes since May 3, 1947. Note that you must apply to use this service at the periodical desk on the third floor in the central library or at the Center for Legal Resources.
  • Official Gazette [Ministry of Finance] (journal)
    Waseda keeps Official Gazettes in-print for a limited period only. Older gazettes are on microfilm.
  • Kanpo Mokuji Soran (1883–1987)
  • Kanpo Sosakuin (1988-)
    Published annualy. Able to look up information from a partial itemized index.

National Diet Proceedings

Legislative Bills

There are three types of legislative bills submitted to the National Diet: House of Representatives member bills, House of Councillors member bills, and Cabinet bills. You can find information on the progress of deliberations on each bill on the respective official Web site. Shinnippon Hoki Publishing’s Web site, e-hoki, is also a good reference.

White Papers

As a rule, the latest versions of white papers can only be used in the library, while previous versions can be checked out. Search by title or keyword and check the holding location. Many white papers are now made available on the Internet. The three Web sites below have an increasing amount of information as you move from top to bottom. The Prime Minister’s Office site lists white papers by year and adds titles to the appropriate year as they are issued (so that you know which white paper is the latest edition). The e-Gov portal allows you to see white papers consecutively by year for each ministry and agency. The National Diet Library’s site provides the most detail for an aggregate site that covers white papers and related materials, but note the as-of date at the top.

Commission and Study Group Reports

In addition to the resources below, check the commission and study group Web sites under the relevant ministry or agency’s Web site.

Bulletins, Notifications, and Directives

  • Bulletins, Notifications, and Directives [e-Gov Portal Site] (public Web site)
    Allows you to browse law and ordinance drafts, bulletins, notifications, and directives issued by ministries and agencies. You can also search the respective ministry or agency’s Web site if you know the ministry or agency.
  • Kihon Gyosei Tsuchi Shori Kijun (Basic Administration Notification Processing Standards) [Gyosei] (book)
    This is the most comprehensive reference, but it does not cover all notifications (directives) (many directives are guides to processes given on site, so only major directives are released). Another search method is to search for journal articles by subject since the six main laws contain related notifications and topical notifications are often listed as references in research papers.

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