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Various information on the European Union (EU) is getting available on the official EU website in recent years. Here are tips to find EU information by theme below.

EU Related Institution Website

  • Europa - The official website of the European Union - (public Web site)
    Official website of the European Union. This website releases various news on the organization, policy, current news, ordinary, publications, statistics, etc. Website is available with 23 official languages.
  • Delegation of the European Union to Japan (public Web site)
    The delegation is established in 1974 and is a representative of the EU in Japan. Information on current news, Japan-EU relations is available both in Japanese and English. Web magazine “EU MAG” contains the articles about the policies and activities of EU is published from February 2012 (only in Japanese). A former quarterly magazine, ”europe” is partly archived and accessible.

Find activities of the European Union

  • Bulletin of the European Union (public Web site)
    List of monthly report submitted by organizations affiliated to the European Union. It is helpful to find information if you already know the date of event/ incident happened in advance. This provides reference for original document (Com Documents, Official Journal).
  • General Report on the Activities of the European Union (pubic Web site)
    Annual report of the EU activities. This is equivalent to the annual report; Bulletin of the European Union above. The EU related document such as reference list for official journal and bulletin is listed.Other EU related institutes also publish annual activity report.

Find EU ordinations

  • EU Treaties (public Web site)
    List of EU treaties. Regulations, Command, Decisions are made based on the treaties. Previously signed treaties can be also browsed.
  • Official Journal of the European Union  (public Web site)
    Official daily Journal of the European Union is divided into three series. L and C Series are available to browse from this page.
    L Series (Legislation): Adapted ordinances such as Regulations, Command and Decision
    C Series (Information and Notices): Information except ordinances
    S Series (Supplement): Government procurement, bidding information
    S Series is also available from the link “Supplement to the Official Journal - Public procurement notices” shown on the lower left of this page.
  • COM and JOIN documents (public Web site)
    List of documents released by the European Commission. Most of documents are legislation, order (command), decisions submitted to the European Commissions and there also include white paper, green paper and other important documents. Legislation bill is firstly published in COM Documents, then announced in C series of the Official Journal of the European Union.

Find precedents of the EU

  • CURIA (public Web site)
    Website of Court of Justice of the European Union. CURIA collects precedents digest set by Court of Justice of the European Union (Section I) and Grand Chamber (Section II). Full text of precedents and opinions from Advocates-General are available. Summary of precedents is listed on the C series of Official Journal. Precedents set after June 1997 can be browsed.

Find Statistics on the EU

  • Eurostat (public Web site)
    Website of Statistics Department of the European Commission. Some statistics data is updated only on the website. To obtain statistics data of individual member state, please check each country’s official website.

Find Public Opinion on the EU

  • Eurobarometer (public Web site)
    Summary of public opinion taken from citizens of the member states. Census includes various topics such as EU enlargement, social condition, welfare, culture, information technology, defense, civic rights in Europe. Public opinion taken from the first survey is available on Public Opinion.

Find News on the EU

  • Newsroom (public Web site)
    List of the latest media release.
  • Press Release Database (public Web site)
    Database on media release since 1985.

Find Publications on the EU

  • EU Book shop (public Web site)
    The website provides search function to find publications related to the EU. There are also some publications available as PDF at no charge.
  • ECLAS (European Commission Libraries Catalogue)(pubic Web site)
    Database of book catalog available at the European Commission Libraries.

Find Information on the EU at European Info at Waseda University

In 1978, Waseda Institute of Political Economy was designated as European Info (EUi) in Japan and the official publications of the European Union released from the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities are available at the Lee Kun-Hee Commemorative Library (FPSE Faculty Library) . Old materials cannot be obtained at EUROPA are also available.
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