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This guide introduces various search methods to find the library books and other resources you need.

Search Waseda’s Collections

The first step is to use WINE (Waseda University Library catalog) to check whether Waseda has the books or resources you need. WINE indexes books, periodicals, audio and visual materials, doctoral dissertations approved by Waseda University, electronic resources (databases, electronic journals, and e-books), and other resources.

  • WINE [Waseda University Library Catalog] (Waseda University Library Web site)
Note that you cannot search for individual paper/article published in journals or newspapers with WINE.

Search Keio University’s Collections

Next, search the collections held by Keio University. Waseda has a corporative agreement with Keio University. Waseda students and faculty members can visit Keio University libraries or request photocopies of books and materials through the inter library loan (ILL) system on favorable terms.

Search Collections in Japan

If the books or materials you are looking for are not held by either Waseda or Keio University, you can search the collections of other libraries in Japan. We can issue letters of introduction for use of off-campus libraries and also we can request materials or their photocopies from off-campus libraries through the interlibrary loan (ILL) system.
  • CiNii Books [National Institute of Informatics] (public Web site)
    A bibliographic database of books and periodicals held at university libraries across Japan. Waseda University does not provide the catalog data for books, so you need to search WINE as well.
  • NDL Online [National Diet Library] (public Web site)
    A system for searching the materials of the National Diet Library.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Library (public Web site)
    A service for searching the collections of the Tokyo Metropolitan Library as well as searching public libraries within Metro Tokyo (ward libraries, etc.) and guides to special libraries.
  • Using non-Waseda Libraries (Waseda University Library Web site)
    Information about visiting other libraries and requesting books and materials via the interlibrary loan (ILL) system.

Search Overseas Collections

If the books or materials you are looking for are not available in Japan, you can request them or their photocopies from overseas libraries. Note that requesting materials/photocopies from overseas libraries is more expensive and takes more time than from domestic libraries. Begin by asking at the Reference Desk in the libraries.
  • [OCLC] (public Web site)
    The world’s largest library catalogue. You can check collections of the libraries around the world, particularly collections in North America.
  • Explore the British Library [British Library] (public Web site)
    System for searching the British Library’s collections.
  • Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog [KVK] (public Web site)
    A database with which you can search national libraries and unified catalogs in various countries, with a particular focus on German-speaking countries. It is also useful as the collection of links to major catalogs around the world.
  • Using non-Waseda Libraries (Waseda University Library Web site)
    About visiting other libraries and requesting materials or photocopies via interlibrary loan (ILL) system.

Use Publication and Distribution Information

If the books or materials you are looking for are not available in Waseda University, you may submit a purchase request to the library or purchase the materials on your own. The following websites are useful for obtaining publication and related information.
  • [Japan Book Publishers Association] (public Web site) (in Japanese only)
    A website for searching currently available publications issued in Japan (about 900,000 items).
  • (public Web site)
    Online shopping website for new and used books. Besides purchasing books, you can use the site for reading customer reviews, sample pages, and finding related products.
  • Old Book Database Search [Japanese Association of Dealers in Old Books](public Web site) (in Japanese only)
    Able to search and purchase books and materials in used book stores around Japan. Able to search both books and used book stores.

Other Useful Websites for finding books

If you haven’t decided which book to read, you can specify the book by using keyword search or other search method. Try to use the website below.
  • Webcat Plus [National Institute of Informatics] (public Web site) (in Japanese only)
    A database with which you can search index and related data of books so that abstract search can be conducted.

Nowadays, there are many databases that you can browse the digitized books for free.
  • National Diet Library Digital Collections [National Diet Library] (public Web site)
    Able to search and view a variety of resources, collected and stored by the National Diet Library of Japan.
  • Hathi Trust Digital Library (public Web site) (in Japanese only)
    A digital preservation repository and highly functional access platform.
  • The Internet Archive (public Web site)
    An open library which contains the full texts of public domain books.
  • Gallica Digital Library [National Library of France] (public Web site)
    A digital library for searching and viewing the materials which the National Library of France has.
  • Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (public Web site)
    A virtual library with which you can access to Germany’s cultural and scientific heritage from all over Germany.

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