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A guide to using the digital resources (databases, online journals, and e-books) available at Waseda.
Today, a large amount of academic information is distributed digitally. Digital resources are definitely important information sources for the progress of your scholarship and research.

What are Databases?

Databases arrange and store data in formats that permit efficient searches. There are many types of databases — including numerical information, such as statistics, and bibliographies and holding information on books and periodicals, and databases that allow the user to search and use academic papers and articles from journals and newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and case law digests. Some databases come on CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs, although today online databases available over the Internet are widely used.

What are Online Journals?

Online journals are digital versions of articles from journals that allow you to read the full text on the Internet. Online journals are also called e-journals. The advantages of online journals are as follows:

* Academic papers can be accessed on the Web before publication of the printed edition.
* It is easier to find individual academic papers in online editions than in printed editions. It is often possible to search for academic papers based on words in the full text.
* With some online journals, it is possible to access the full texts of cited academic papers directly from the bibliography.
* An increasing number of academic paper discovery tools, such as CiNii Articles, Web of Science, and Scopus, provide links to the full texts of academic papers. In other words, you can often search for, discover, and read complete academic papers seamlessly.
* Online journals are accessible anytime from campus terminals and laboratory terminals. You can access most of online journals from off-campus locations via Off-Campus Access, a tool provided by the library.

What are E-books?

E-books are digital versions of books that allow you to read the full text on the Internet. At the same time, old literary and scientific works, encyclopedias, and dictionaries are available.

Using Digital Resources: the Waseda E-Resource Portal


Waseda E-Resource Portal, a service provided by the library, lists databases, online journals (by collection), and e-books (by collection) that Waseda subscribes to as well as useful Web sites selected by our librarians. Selecting digital resources matching your topic of interest is a key to finding information through digital resources. The Waseda E-Resource Portal lists digital resources under such categories as Journal Articles, E-book Collections, and Encyclopedias & Dictionaries, making it easier for you to locate the information you need from the massive volume of digital resources.

Eligible users

Use of subscription digital resources is limited to Waseda faculty, staff and students. Some digital resources have further user restrictions, such as Tokorozawa Campus only, due to contractual obligations. And because some digital resources place limits on the number of simultaneous accesses, always make sure to click the Logout or Exit button when you have finished.

Usage rules

Please follow the specific rules for each of the subscription digital resources subscribed by the library.

Using Online Journals

  • Waseda University e-Journal e-Book List (Library subscription database)
    After deciding on the online journal you want to read, use this portal to look for the online journals you can use at Waseda by name or International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). The e-Journal e-Book lists the following journals:
  • Some of the European language (mostly English) online journals and Japanese online journals (journals indexed by CiNii Articles, J-STAGE) subscribed to by Waseda.
  • Some public online journals available for free.
  • WINE [Waseda University Library catalog search system] (Waseda University Library Web site)
    Our collection search system WINE indexes a large number of online journals. You can reach the full text by clicking Online edition or Click here for full texton the detailed information page. The digital editions and the printed editions of European language journals are listed under separate records. Titles on the search results page followed by “:WEB” are online journals. The detailed information pages of Japanese journals list both digital editions and printed editions.

Using E-books

  • Waseda University e-Journal e-Book List (Library subscription database)
    After deciding on the e-Book you want to read, use this portal to look for the e-books you can use at Waseda by title, keyword or International Standard BookNumber (ISBN). The e-Journal e-Book list contains thee-Books which are available in Waseda University network.
  • Waseda E-Resource Portal (Waseda University Library Web site)
    Choose “E-book Collections” from “Resource type” on the top page. The list of E-books registered on it will be shown. You can search E-books by collection name (Aozora Bunko, eBook Collection (NetLibrary),etc) or provider name (World Bank, OECD, etc) from the top page.
  • WINE [Waseda University Library catalog] (Waseda University Library Web site)
    Our collection search system WINE indexes a large number of e-books. You can search for individual e-books by title or other keywords. Titles on the search results page followed by “:WEB” are for e-books. You can narrow your searches to just e-books and other digital resources by choosing WEB for Material Type in a KEYWORD search. You can reach the full text by clicking links under Link Info on the detailed information page.

Accessing Digital Materials from Home or Other Off-Campus Locations

  • Off-Campus Access(Waseda University Library Web site)
    The digital resources Waseda subscribes to, due to contractual obligations, can only be accessed from computers connected to the University’s network. Nevertheless, current faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students of Waseda can still access these databases from home or other off-campus locations by logging on our Off-Campus Access service.

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