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How to Renew the Due Date
You can extend the due dates of library materials you are currently borrowing from View Your Records page in WINE.

Renewal periods and number of renewals

Courtesy notice

Cases when renewals are not accepted

How to renew items

  1. After logging on the View Your Records page, your name and the number of borrowed items will appear. 利用者記録照会画面
  2. Click the "xx Items currently checked out" link.
  3. The titles of the borrowed items and their due dates (YY-MM-DD) will appear at the middle of the page. 貸出中資料表示画面
  4. Check the "RENEW" checkbox beside the items you want to renew and click the "RENEW SELECTED ITEMS" button. Click the "RENEW ALL" button if you wish to renew all items.
  5. Confirmation screen will appear. Please confirm your request and click either “YES” or “NO” button. 延長確認画面
  6. The status will change as shown below after the system accepts the renewal. 延長済画面
    If the system refuses the renewal, an error message like below will appear.
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