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What is WINE OPAC? How To Use Data and Coverage Advanced Options
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What is WINE OPAC?

WINE OPAC is a search tool of the materials in Waseda University Library. You can find where the items you want are located. Additionally, the following items are available directly through WINE.
Doctoral Dissertations, Online Journals, Old and rare materials (Kosho, Kichosho)

How To Use

  1. Guide to WINE Searches (For New WINE System Users)
  2. List of Search Methods by Material Types

Data and Coverage

  1. Data and Coverage
  2. Location names and their codes
  3. Status on WINE
  4. Format of Serials Holdings
  5. URL links "Click on the following to:"

Advanced Options

  1. How to Renew the Due Date
  2. How to Place a Hold
  3. Export Marked Records via E-mail
  4. LIMIT Search (In Japanese)
  5. Doctoral Dissertations of Waseda University (In Japanese)
  6. Limit/Sort search results (In Japanese)
  7. How to retrieve the materials with the location "A-Central 1F : AUTO"
  8. Export search results into RefWorks


  1. Search the materials written by Japanese (In Japanese)
  2. Romanizing Rules of Japanese Materials (In Japanese)

References (Links)

  1. Borrowing Rules (For Waseda users only)

Known Issues (Hardware Requirements)

  1. Known Issues of WINE OPAC (In Japanese)
  2. Browser Requirements
    • Supported Operating Systems : Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Supported Browsers : Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 11.0), Firefox (ESR38) , Google Chrome(51.0.2704.106m)
    • We are willingly support most of the common browsers. If you find difficulties in using WINE on other browsers, please let me know.
    • Javascript and SSL are needed.

Contact Us

  1. Contact Us (Send your questions and suggestions to the Library)

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