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Guide to WINE Searches
For New WINE System Users
Follow the links in the table below to jump to WINE searches specially set up to locate books and journals. Specific entry instructions are given on each search page.
Type of WINE searchSearch pageWhat WINE searches
Search using an author's nameAuthor SearchIndividual author names, editor names, names of organizations, government bodies, committees, etc.
Search using part of an author's nameKeyword SearchNames of authors, etc.
Search using a titleTitle (match from beginning)Titles of books, journals, etc.
Search using a phrase containing the author's name and the titleKeyword SearchAuthor names and titles (words anywhere in the title)
Search using a title or author's name of an article contained in an itemKeyword SearchTitles and author names of articles contained in an item (effective with only some items)
Search using a subject or category
  • Words from official subject headings
  • Classification system numbers
Search using a publisher's namePublisher SearchPublisher or publishing company
Search using a number
  • International Standard Book Numbers/ International Standard Serial Numbers
  • Document numbers or bibliographic numbers of other organizations
Search materials of a specific libraryLimit Search (selection page)One of: Central Library, S. Takata Memorial Research Library, Toyama Library, Science & Engineering Library, and Tokorozawa Library, Student Reading Rooms, Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Library
Search only periodicalsLimit Search (selection page)Periodical (Journals or newspapers)
Search only audiovisual materialsLimit Search (selection page)Audiovisual materials

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