WINE -- Waseda University Information Network System

Export Marked Records via E-mail

[WINE system]

The steps for exporting are as follows:

1.Search by title, author and so on.

2.Save records using one of the methods described bellow:

  1)Select items for export from the record browse list by checking the
    corresponding box(es) in the Mark column and click the
    "Save Marked Records" button.

  2)Select items in the index browse display by checking the Mark checkbox
    and click the "Save Marked Records" button. If you check the
    box for a heading with multiple items, all records filed under that
    heading are exported.

  3)In the full record display, click the "Export" menu button.

3.The "Export Saved Lists" button appears, so click it.

4.Check your list of saved records, choose the format of list(Full Display
 or Brief Display), enter your E-mail address, and click the Submit button.
 The message "E-Mail Sent" will be displayed.

5.Select the "Clear Saved Records" button.


To use this function, you need "cookie".
If the error message "You have not saved any records for export." is
desplayed, check the setting of your browser.