How to Search and Use Waseda Doctoral Dissertations

Dissertations are the academic papers which are submitted to receive degrees. In a wide sense, the word "dissertations" includes bachelor's theses and master theses, but mainly it indicates the doctoral dissertations.

Holdings of each theses in the Waseda University Library

How to use doctoral dissertations

How to search doctoral dissertations

Dissertations submitted to Waseda University can be searched by WINE. Please refer to the instruction page "How to search the dissertations submitted to Waseda University (in Japanese only)" for more detail. Actually a small part of them are not searchable through WINE, please check the "List of the dissertations which cannot be searched by WINE (in Japanese only)" page too.

How to access to doctoral dissertations

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Photocopying Doctoral Dissertations

Users are allowed to take a photocopy of doctoral dissertations within a limitation of copyright law.
Users need to have a permission of the author to take a whole copy of a dissertation. Generally, we do not take a contact to the author, so users have to take a contact by themselves. Each individual will be assumed a full responsibility for the copyright matter on photocopying.

Matters to be attended for accessing doctoral dissertations in online format

  1. Copyright of the dissertations which are open to public in Waseda University's websites belongs to the authors and the dissertations are protected with copyright law and international treaties.
  2. Users can download or printout the contents for a purpose of his/her research within a limited scope.
  3. Users cannot take actions which are deemed as copyright infringement such as making a whole copy of a work, transferring or revising the contents without the permission of the authors.
  4. If a person acts against these matters and causes damage or loss to the copyright holder or the university, we may take a strict action to the person such as requesting a compensation for the damage.

Doctoral dissertations cannot be checked out

Please use them only inside the library.
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