[Gregorian chant]

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BUNKO33 00247

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[Mid-14th century and early 15th century]

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[4] p. of ms. music : 42 cm.

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Title supplied by cataloger.
Written probably in North Italy or Austria or South Germany.
Foliated xxxxii-xxxxiii on verso.
Written in square-note neuma on a staff with four-lines ruled in red; seven staffs per page; capitals in red or blue, ornamented with blue or red pen flourishes; initial letter "G" on p. [2] illuminated in blue, green and pink with white tracery against a burnished gold ground.
Detatched from a larger work; binding indentations and sewing holes along margin.
Words from Psalms 8, 36, 37.
Text in Latin.
Central Library's copy (文庫33 247) put in a frame (55 x 74 cm.) and shows p. [2-3].

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