Interlibrary loans between Tokorozawa Library and four other libraries (Central, Takata, Toyama, Science and Engineering)


  • Users can borrow books owned by the Tokorozawa Library by requesting at the Central, Takata, Toyama, Science & Engineering Library. Likewise, users at the Tokorozawa Library can request for books owned by these four libraries. Please submit an application to desks at each library (Reference Desk at the Central Library). Also, users can request through Waseda-net portal (Except for Takata Library).
    * Detailed information about online applications can be found here:
  • When making a request, the library staff makes a reservation by the applicant's name. Applications may not apply for more than the number of books that can be reserved.
    * Library users may put a hold on books that are currently checked out. In that case, books on hold should be picked up from the library that owns the books.

  • While the book is being transferred among the libraries, the book has been labeled as “IN TRANSIT” on WINE.

  • An email will be sent when the book is available. The amount of time required before a particular book arrives differs by library. Please inquire at library desks for more details.

  • Books are kept for 7 days from the date of arrival. Please come to the library desk during that time to complete check-out procedures.
    * The borrowing period of the book depends on where it is originally stored.

When books cannot be located at the library

There may be times when books cannot be located, even though it is listed as “ON THE SHELF” on WINE. Please note as follows:
  • The library staff will check the shelf again the following day. If it is there, it will be sent the next day.
  • If it is still not on the shelf, the request will be cancelled at that time. The staff at the library where the request was submitted will inform applicants about the cancellation by email (The book's status on WINE will be listed as "Missing".)

  • If a user who is currently browsing the book at the library wishes to borrow it, he/she is given priority. Applicants' reservations will be next in line. Applicants will not be contacted by email.

Returning Books Checked-Out on Loan

  • Books checked out on loan can be returned to either the Central Library or campus libraries.