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The Quincentenary of the Death of Aldo Manuzio, the Father of Academic Publishing

Library Exhibition "The Genes of Aldo"End

Period : 2015/10/05(Mon)~2015/11/19(Thu)
Venue : Exhibition Room on the 2nd floor of the Center for Scholarly Information (Building No. 18)
Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Closed: Sundays and November 6(Fri.), but October 18(Sun.) open till 5:00pm
Organized by: Tokyo Bookbinding Club and Waseda University Library
The year 2015 marks 500 years since the death of Aldo Manuzio, an outstanding Venetian printer in the Renaissance era. The Renaissance means the regeneration of ancient Greek and Roman literatures. Aldo Manuzio is considered as one of people who achieved it in the field of printing. He is also known as a person who improved the book from the medieval style to the modern with the addition of several ideas.
This exhibition is intended to commemorate the quincentenary of Aldo Manuzio, looking back on various books of Aldo himself, his successors and their inheritance.
The exhibition consists of four major parts. The first part consists of printed books from the time of the birth of typography to the early Venetian printing before Aldo Manuzio. The second part is a group of publications by Aldo Manuzio himself, his successors, and their contemporaries who were influenced by Aldo. The third part is a collection of reliure works of the first Japanese monograph on Aldo Manuzio, Aldo Manuzio and the Renaissance literary Regeneration (Tokyo Bookbinding Club, 2014), by 23 contemporary eminent bookbinders in Japan. The fourth part contains some works of an English publisher who inherited the genes of Aldo in the 19th century, and several bibliographies and catalogues of the exhibitions on Aldo Manuzio held in Europe and the United States in 1994 and 2015.
In the quincentenary of the death of Aldo Manuzio, please enjoy the genes of Aldo that have been passed from the Renaissance era to the present-day.

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Gallery Talk on "The Gene of Aldo"

by Prof. Koichi Yukishima, School of Education
October 6th(Tue.) 1st 14:45-15:30 / 2nd 15:45-16:30
Exhibition Room, 2F Central Library
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Bookbinding Workshop

with cooperation of Tokyo Bookbinding Club
October 8(Thu.) 14:45-17:00 "16th-century style binding"
October 22(Thu.) 14:45-17:00 "Crossed structure binding"
Seminar room A (2nd floor of Central Library)
*For students and Faculty of Waseda University only.
*Apprication form is available on Waseda-net portal from September 24(Thu).
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