Penalty Points and Suspension of Privileges for Overdue Materials

Notices for Overdue Materials

Notices are sent to your Waseda mail the following day after materials were due,7 days after the due date and 14 days after the due date.
If the message cannot be received, the system will not resend it (if your Waseda mail inbox is full or you are over capacity for a forwarded mail account). Please clear out your inbox and check your borrowing status at "View Your Record."

You will also receive a courtesy notice five days before the due datefor borrowed materials. However, this is not a warning message.It is only a reminder that the due date is approaching. (We have found out that this notice is not delivered to all properly. Please confirm your due date through "View Your Record" on WINE by your own. Thank you for your cooperation)

Suspension of Privileges

Privileges will be suspended in the following cases.
  • When the number of penalty points reaches 50

    For each day books are not returned past the due date, library users will receive one penalty point per item per day (This does not include library holidays.) When the number of penalty points reaches 50, user's library privileges are suspended for a period of 14 days for every 50 points. Points over 50 points are carried over. The suspension period for library privileges includes holidays.

    Example: 120 penalty points.

    The suspension period is 28 days, including holidays. The remaining 20 points are carried over.

    Penalty points are the total amount for libraries. Please refer to the following page for information about borrowing rules. Please note that neither renewals nor reservations can be made during the suspension period.

  • Books Overdue More than 14 Days

    Library privileges will be suspended when materials are not returned 14 days after the due date. Privileges will be reinstated after books are returned before penalty points reach the maximum amount.

  • When Overdue Books are Placed on Hold

    If another user places on hold for books that you have borrowed but that have not been returned by the due date, your library privileges will be suspended. You will not be able to borrow new materials as long as the overdue materials remain unreturned. Once overdue books are returned, your library privileges will be reinstated.

Management of penalty points when libraries are closed temporarily

When Waseda University libraries close temporarily due to official weather warnings, for example, and the due date falls on that day, penalty points will not be issued for the period that the library is temporarily closed if books are returned the following day.


Due date Temporary closing Return date Penalty points
October 1st October 1st October 2nd 0
October 1st October 1st, 2nd October 3rd 0
October 1st October 1st, 2nd October 4th 1

The above are measures for penalty points and the due date does not change. Please note that a notice for overdue materials will be sent automatically by the library system the following morning after the due date.
When the due date falls on a day when the library is temporarily closed and another user has placed on hold/recalled the overdue materials, library privileges will be suspended. You may not check-out new materials until the overdue materials are returned.