Liability for Lost or Damaged Books

Reporting a lost/damaged book

  • When users lost/damaged books, please report to library desks immediately. Users are required to pay for compensations following the library rules.
  • Please report to the desk at the library where the lost book was last held and fill in the “Report on Lost (Damaged) Books” (For the Central Library's books, please submit the report to the Central Library. For the Tokorozawa Library's books borrowed via ILL service, please submit the report to the library where the book was checked out. For the books borrowed at Tokorozawa Library via ILL service, please submit the report to the Tokorozawa Library.)
  • Lost/damaged books are considered “returned” at the time when the report is filed (The book will be listed as "Missing.") Please pay for compensations as follows, in accordance with instructions from the library staff.

How to Pay for Compensations

When a replacement book can be purchased at a bookstore (except used bookstore)

  • In principle, a replacement (same book) should be purchased within two weeks of reporting a lost/damaged book (Foreign language books and materials should be purchased within one month.)
    If there are different editions, Waseda University Library may specify the edition.
  • If replacement book(s) are not received within the designated time period, library privileges will be suspended at the Central Library, campus libraries (Takata, Toyama, Science and Engineering, Tokorozawa), and Student Reading Rooms until compensations are paid.
  • If the arrival of a replacement book(s) will be delayed, please bring documentation, such as the order receipt from a bookstore, and explain the situation to the library staff. The time period can be extended.

If a replacement book(s) cannot be purchased at a bookstore,
please pay for compensations as follows.

If it is determined that it is 'NOT' difficult to obtain a used book(s)

  • Please purchase a used book(s) in accordance with instructions from the library.

If it is determined that it is difficult to obtain a used book(s)

  • If the book(s) is currently required for the library’s collection

    If possible, a request can be made to another library to copy and bind all pages of the same book to be added to the library’s collection.
    In this case, charges will include [copy + mailing + binding costs]. For damaged books, if the book(s) can be rebound for use, charges will be for bookbinding only.

  • If the library determines that a different book(s) can be used as a replacement

    Purchasing an alternative book(s)
    Please purchase the book(s) specified by the library within two weeks.
    The price of the replacement book(s) will be in line with the bill for compensations.

    Bill for compensations
    Minimum amount: The higher of the price of the lost/damaged book at the time of purchase or 3,000 yen (paperback/new books are 1,000 yen).
    The library that owns the lost/damaged book(s) will indicate what the bill will be for books from special collections or those with high value (price).

  • If after compensations have been paid (or replacement book(s) purchased), the lost book(s) is found, the replacement book(s) or payment cannot be returned. However, please note that in this case, the lost book should be returned to the library.
  • Please contact the library immediately if you receive an overdue notice for a book that you believe you have already returned. If a return cannot be confirmed even after the matter is looked into, the book will be treated as lost.
  • Penalty points are added for the period from the due date until a report for lost/damaged books is made.
    Please confirm your borrowing and return status regularly on the “View Your Record” on WINE.