Since its establishment as part of the school buildings when Waseda University was originally founded as Tokyo Senmon Gakko in 1882, Waseda University Library has enjoyed a long history as one of the most extensive private university libraries in the country. The University houses a number of libraries, including the Central Library, four campus libraries (S.Takata Memorial Research Library, Toyama Library, Science & Engineering Library, and the Tokorozawa Library), as well as school libraries or reading rooms for students. We have used the general term “Waseda University Library” to refer to all the university libraries.

Central Library

The Central Library plays a central role in the collection and dissemination of academic information at Waseda University.

S.Takata Memorial Research Library

The S.Takata Memorial Research Library is a research library on the Waseda campus and holds a collection of research books mainly on social sciences.

Toyama Library

The Toyama Library is located on the Toyama Campus and holds a collection of books and materials mainly on humanities.

Science & Engineering Library

The Science & Engineering Library is located on the Nishiwaseda campus and consists of the Library and the Student Reading Room.

Tokorozawa Library

Tokorozawa Library is located on the Tokorozawa campus and mainly holds a collection of books and materials on human and sports sciences.

Student Reading Rooms

Student Reading Rooms are mainly for students who belong to a particular school. Each room provides services to support each school.

School Libraries

School Libraries are mainly for faculty members in each undergraduate and graduate school.

Other Libraries

This includes Theatre Museum Library which contains invaluable materials related to theater and motion pictures from all over the world.