Terms of Library Use for Researchers

Required documents for applying a new card.

1. Who need the Identification Card (pink colored) issued by Waseda University.
Research Fellow (belongs to research institution, research center), Research Fellow and Research Collaborator of the Institute for Research in Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs, Guest Research Professor, Adjunct Researcher, Research Investigator, Research Assistant (RA), Contract Researcher, Research Student at Research Institution (including Sponsored Research Student), Research Intern, Teaching Assistant, Research Support Staff.

・When you apply for a library card, your ID card and the application form filled out by yourself are needed. You can download the form from here or receive it at the Information Desk on 2nd floor in the Central Library.
♦ Application form for Library Card

2. Who need the application form.
GCOE Extramural Supporter, Instructor at the Extension Center, e-School Education Coach, Guest Teachers and Researchers from the Partner Universities.

・When you apply for a library card, the application form filled out by yourself and the letter from sponsoring department are needed. You can download the forms from here or receive them at the Information Desk on 2nd floor in the Central Library. For the letter, please ask the office you belong to.
♦ Application form for Library Card
♦ Letter from sponsoring department (In Japanese Only)

How to Apply for a New Card

Location Information Desk, 2F, Central Library
Time Mon-Sat: 9:30am - 9pm
Sun: 10:30am - 4pm
For applications received after closing hours, cards can be picked up at the Information Counter after 12 pm of the following day.
Until 1 hour before closing
Please check upon additional information for library hours in vacations(e.g.summer vacation).
Remarks A password is required when requesting the card.

Card Expiration Dates

  • Cards are valid for a period of one year or while you are associated with Waseda University.
  • Expired cards are required when applying for renewal. Please make sure to keep your expired card.

Replacing a lost library card

  • Library card holders are responsible for any incident occurred due to the lost of library cards. Cards that have been lost or stolen can be misused, so please be careful with your card.
  • In case of lost of library cards, please contact the Dept. of Users Support (TEL 03-5286-1659) immediately. The staff member will stop the lost library card to avoid any misuse.
  • A fee of 1,000 yen is required when reissuing a card.

Misuse of library cards

    If a card is used by a person other than the one named on the card, the cardholder will be refused to use the library in future.