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Notice on the zoning at the Central Library

In August, 2009, 2nd floor of the Central Library went through a renovation for the users. The new space is furnished with more PCs with internet access, desks, chairs, and wireless network facilities with electronic powers, thereby refurbishing the old information retrieval corner. We hope this space will provide you all with comfortable study opportunities.

We also reviewed our zoning policy based on usage requirements for each floor's individual spaces. Thus the Library's user space is now divided into three zones: Orange, Green and Blue.
Blue Zone: quiet environment, Green Zone: accessible area of PC and other devices (no private conversation) and Orange Zone (including 'Group Study Zone' and 'Seminar Room'): accessible area of PC and other devices, as well as conversational group study.
The three zones provide users with choices according to their purposes. However, please kindly cooperate in keeping the courteous library environment even at Orange and Green Zones.

We hope you will enjoy accessing a wide variety of services the Library offers.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Please refer to the following page:
Zone Map (PDF)