For students: Database Lectures and Events

  • What is in the library? What can I do there?
  • How do I collect materials for my essays and theses?
  • Is it true that I can use newspapers databases?
  • I want to take full advantage of the databases in the area of my specialty!
We are holding various workshops, lectures, and events to meet the students' needs like these.

Let's utilize the rich library resources of Waseda!

The Central Library Self-Guided Tour and Virtual Tour

Let's get to know the Central Library!

The Central Library Self-Guided Tour

In this tour, participants walk around the Central Library, collect the 10 stamps, and answer 10 quizzes. Let's take a look at interesting places such as the stacks in the basements and the Bound Periodical Collections area.(Click the picture for the detail.)

self-guided tour

The Central Library Virtual Tour (in Japanese only)

The video lectures about the facilities of Waseda Library and how to use them are available online.

The Lectures Held by the Library

workshop Waseda Library holds lectures about how to utilize the library materials. Topics such as collecting materials for essays and theses, information gathering for job hunting, how to use specialty databases, and more are covered by librarians and professional lecturers.

Library Workshop Series

Library Workshop Series are the small-group workshops held by librarians.

Other Lectures

Other lectures such as the lectures for the students on job hunting and the lectures for the graduate students are also held.

Events Held by the Library's Official Student Volunteers "LIVS"

workshop Waseda Library's official student volunteers "LIVS" have been supporting the library since the April, 2013.

They are holding various events from the students' perspective.

Library Week

lecture Library Week takes place twice a year, in spring and in autumn, to welcome new students and to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of everybody at Waseda. During the week, various events such as concerts, lectures, and exhibitions are held.


Guides & Tutorials

Useful contents such as the library's quick guide, the instructions of databases, the videos with which you can learn about how to utilize Waseda Library, and other useful tools are available on this page.

Research Navigation

Various search guides are introduced on this page. They are categorized according to the material types and the topics, such as "Find Journals & Articles" and "Find Information on Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock printing)."

Reference Service

On the reference desk in each campus library, you can ask any kinds of questions regarding library such as how to find materials and how to use the library.

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