FIRST BASEMENT FLOOR MAP- Floor for Research collections

ilast update:March, 2019)


FIRST BASEMENT FLOOR MAP- Floor for Research collections

List of •ΆŒΙiBunkojlocated on the First Basement in Research Collections:

•ΆŒΙ1 (Bunko 1)’Γ“c•ΆŒΙ /Tuda Collection•ΆŒΙ16 (Bunko 16)GOW•ΆŒΙ /GOW Collection
•ΆŒΙ3 (Bunko 3)ˆίŠ}Ž•ΆŒΙ /Kinugasa Poetry Collection•ΆŒΙ17 (Bunko 17)“yŠς•ΆŒΙ /Toki Collection
•ΆŒΙ4 (Bunko 4)Œ΄“cE˜a“c‘@ˆΫ•ΆŒΙ /
Harada, Wada Textiles Collection
•ΆŒΙ19 (Bunko 19)•——Λ•ΆŒΙ /Furyo Collection
•ΆŒΙ6 (Bunko 6)η–—y•ΆŒΙ /Shoyo Collection•ΆŒΙ21 (Bunko 21)™•ΆŒΙ /Sugi Collection
•ΆŒΙ8 (Bunko 8)—mŠw•ΆŒΙ /Yougaku Collection•ΆŒΙ23 (Bunko 23)•Ÿ“‡•ΆŒΙ /Fukushima Collection
•ΆŒΙ9 (Bunko 9)䇉₯•ΆŒΙ /Sou-ou Collection•ΆŒΙ24 (Bunko 24)ηϊ•ΆŒΙ /Sengai Collection
•ΆŒΙ10 (Bunko 10)ΌŠ_•ΆŒΙ /Nishigaki Collection•ΆŒΙ25 (Bunko 25)ƒVƒ…ƒ^ƒCƒi[•ΆŒΙ /Steiner Collection
•ΆŒΙ11 (Bunko 11)–φ“c•ΆŒΙ /Yanagida Collection•ΆŒΙ26 (Bunko 26)”Ρ“‡•ΆŒΙ /Iijima Collection
•ΆŒΙ13 (Bunko 13)‹v•Ϋ“c•ΆŒΙ /Kubota Collection•ΆŒΙ27 (Bunko 27)Šp“c•ΆŒΙ /Tsunoda Collection
•ΆŒΙ15 (Bunko 15)“ό]•ΆŒΙ /Irie Collection•ΆŒΙ29 (Bunko 29)’†‘Ί(@)•ΆŒΙ /Nakamura Muneo, Hideo Collection
•ΆŒΙ32 (Bunko 32)²“‘•ΆŒΙ /Sato Collection•ΆŒΙ33 (Bunko 33)X“c•ΆŒΙ /Morita Collection

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